Adopt Your Lovely Parti Yorkie Companion!

Each puppy is a bundle of joy, overflowing with love and ready to become your loyal companion. By choosing to adopt from Lovely Parti Yorkie, you’re not just gaining a pet – you’re gaining a cherished member of your family. Open your heart and home to one of our adorable Parti Yorkie puppies today!

Adopting a Parti Yorkie Made Easy!


Find Your Match

Explore our adorable Lovely Parti Yorkies puppies and choose your favorite. Each puppy comes with a unique personality and charm, waiting to become your loyal companion.


Reserve Your Puppy

Secure your chosen pup with a simple reservation process. We guarantee your chosen puppy will be yours to cherish.


Prepare Your Home

Get ready, stock up on supplies, puppy-proof your space, and get ready to shower your new Chihuahua with love and affection.


Welcome Home

With their unconditional love and playful spirit, your new Chihuahua companion is sure to become your furry soulmate in no time.

Essential Adoption Documents

Before you can welcome your new Parti Yorkie into your home, there are a few essential documents we’ll need you to complete. These documents ensure a smooth adoption process and help us provide the best possible care for our puppies. 

By completing these documents, you’re not only securing the adoption of your new companion but also committing to providing them with a loving and nurturing forever home. We’re here to support you every step of the way as you embark on this exciting journey of pet parenthood!

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